You can find several typical wines of a particular city or territory...

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You can find several typical oils of a particular city or territory...

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On our platform there are many ancient and vintage items of a particular city or territory...

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You can admire nice natural reserves and landscapes of a territory...

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Typical dishes

You can read many info and recipes of typical dishes of specific parts of the world...

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You can find many info over arts and culture of a particular city or territory...

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Many info about the most important artistic and cultural events of a town are here...

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Old games

On our platform you can find also the typical good old games of a community.

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We have a list with every city of many countries in the world...

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It is possible for schools and tourists to choose and reserve a specific itinerary from a cultural promoter. Cultural promoters can set their itineraries with cultural offers, natural reserves and other entities such as firms or workshops which will be added on request of their owners.


Firms, workshops, cultural promoters and other artistic and cultural actors can sell their wines, oils or other vintage and artistic items through our platform only if they are subscribed to our e-commerce service. Goods will be delivered by themselves and not by ArtWide, so we decline any responsibility in cae of problems related to shipping.

Video chat

Workshops and other cultural and artistic actors can join our video chat system to teach their best skills on how to realize their best products.

Artworks on commission

Users registered on this platform can order to workshops and art galleries different kinds of artworks. Their prices will be subjected to the same terms as the e-commerce service for VAT and taxes. This service is included in the e-commerce service and so the handling of the orders will be the same.

Experience tourism

If you are a firm or a workshop you can offer and create interesting experiences to the tourists or to your customers. In this manner you will have more faithful and happier clients since they will be much more attached to the traditions and history of your communities.


If you are a cultural association and handle museums, monuments or archaeological excavations, you can use this service to get donations for these cultural offers from different users. In exchange, you must make your accountancy documents freely available to the people who donate you money. There is no limit for the amount of donations.